Probate Law

New Hampshire Probate Courts address a number of legal issues beyond the legal process of administering an estate. Probate Courts also have jurisdiction over the termination of parental rights, adoption, name changes, and guardianship. If you have legal proceedings in the Probate Court, I can assist you. 

Losing a loved one is extremely difficult. I understand the challenges that families face at this difficult time. The Probate process occurs when the Court oversees administration of a deceased person’s estate. The process generally consists of locating the will (which usually names the person who is to be the executor), opening the estate, appointing the administrator (usually the executor), valuing the estate and preparing an inventory, settling the legal obligations and taxes, arranging for the distribution of any remaining assets and the closing of the estate. A legal duty arises in the administration of an estate when you are named the executor or administrator of the estate. I will efficiently and cost-effectively work with you to ensure that you meet your obligations as you navigate through the probate process. 

Securing your future can be achieved through proper advance planning. Our office is able to draft the documents necessary to ensure proper planning for the future. Some of the most common documents drafted are a Last Will and Testament, a Healthcare Power Of Attorney, a Living Will, a Durable Power Of Attorney for Financial Matters, and Revocable Trusts. If you need assistance in determining which documents are right for you, please contact me.






Termination of

Parental Rights


Estate Litigation – Will and Trust Contest