Criminal Law

When people are charged with a criminal offense their liberty, career, and reputation in the community are at stake. The outcome of a criminal matter will likely have a significant impact on these important interests. For these reasons, it is critical that a person charged with a criminal offense is represented from the first contact with prosecuting authorities until their case is resolved. Navigating an unfamiliar criminal process without an experienced attorney is difficult, stressful and may lead to increased consequences which could have been avoided.

I realize what is at stake for my clients. I assist clients in putting their problems behind them. I listen closely to my clients and fight for my clients’ rights at every step in the legal process whether at a bail hearing or at trial. I explain the legal process, potential consequences and all options so the client can make an informed and well-reasoned decision at every juncture of the criminal process.

My office vigorously defends clients who are charged with the following offenses:

                Domestic Violence




                Driving Offenses

                Violent Crimes

                Drug Crimes

                Sex Crimes

When you hire my office for any criminal matter, no matter how complex or small, you will get personalized representation to best defend you at this critical time in your life.